The EDGAR GRIG brand was founded in 2008 by Edgar Grigoryan, the second generation goldsmith. Edgar acquired his goldsmith's art from his father, who passed over to him all the traditions, secrets, knowledge and love for precious stones and metals. Until 2008, he produced exclusively in Yerevan, and later expanded his work to the Czech Republic.


All gold timepieces and jewelry with diamonds and precious stones presented in our store are designed and manufactured exclusively by our company. At Edgar Grig we are focused primarily on the quality and uniqueness of our jewelry, that’s why are dedicated to our customers and clients wishes and desires, and we welcome the custom manufacturing. We will create timepiece and jewel of your desire, which will become of your favourite. 

Twice a year Edgar Grig also presents new collections of sophisticated and exclusive jewelry and watches for men and women. The jewelry we create go beyond the everyday, making the ordinary exquisite and underlining the timeless magnificence of the style.

Visit us in our showroom by Vezenska str. 116/5 in Prague 1, we will be happy to assist you personally.