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We strive for originality and for making the difference, therefore we produce tailor-made jewellery according to the requirements, vision and desires of each client. For that we use the latest 3D technologies.


The jewellery designing and manufacturing process are following: 


During the meeting or via online communication we discuss in details the type of the jewel, the style and material to be used and based on the requirements we create the design of the jewel to match your perfect vision and financial possibilities.


You will receive the model’s 3D photo for the approval and only after we agree on the very final specification we will convert your approved 3D model into a render, which will give you a realistic picture of a pre-produced jewel with selected metal, diamonds or gems. From the selected render, the 3D printer will create a wax or plastic prototype in true dimensions. You can see it in person if you visit our showroom or we will send you photos from different angles by email.


The last stage is the manufacturing itself. A plaster form is formed from the final wax prototype. Then it is baked in the oven and the wax model that has got into it evaporates. An exact copy of a precious product filled with molten gold alloy is created and the resulting gold cast is manually worked out to the smallest detail. Finally, the jewellery piece is hand-planted with precious stones and diamonds and polished to a high gloss.


If you are interested in custom made jewellery, feel free to contact us via the contact form. We will process your requests and contact you back as soon as possible.


A beautiful piece of jewellery can be both an investment and a wonderful showpiece. At Edgar Grig we want to make sure that you get the most value out of your purchase so our products come with a satisfaction guarantee, quality certificates and GIA certification for diamonds. 


We always stands behind the quality of our designs and craftsmanship of our jewellery. To ensure your perfect piece always remains looking pristine, we offer the lifelong repair service for all the products bought in our store or created by us. 


At Edgar Grig, we know that each customer is different. Your unique needs and preferences are taken into consideration when transforming your vision and desires into the jewellery you love. Let us know what your needs are, so we can make them match your purchase. Contact us to schedule a consultation or showroom visit today.


Our highly qualified jeweller is famous for his skill in encrusting the case and dial of gold or steel watches with diamonds of SI, VS, VVS grade, or other precious stones.

Look at the latest photos of our customers' watches, the surface of which was encrusted with diamonds, and write us to arrange a personal meeting.

We will add uniqueness to your watch!

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