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The name aquamarine is derived from the Latin words for water and sea.

Both emeralds and aquamarine are members of the beryl variety of gemstones. Emerald are the most rare and precious of the beryl gemstones because they are more fragile. However, fine examples of aquamarine are also highly prized. It is found in deeper and lighter shades of blue; the deeper and intense the color, the more value it will demand.

The ancient Romans believed that Neptune, god of the sea, had a special affiliation with aquamarine. According to legend, Neptune obtained the stone when it fell out of the sirens' jewel box and washed up on the shore.

Aquamarine is mined in many countries across the world, including Brazil, Zambia, Nigeria, and Madagascar, as well as Pakistan and Mozambique. It is relatively hard and will withstand daily wear.

Aquamarine is said to bring hope, health, harmony, eternal youth and happiness to its wearer. Today it is considered a symbol of faithfulness, courage, and friendship. In the past Aquamarine was also used it to bring back the loved one and resurrect love between married couples.

It's an outstanding gemstone for meditation. In some of the traditions, it is believed that you can see your guardian angel with the help of an Aquamarine crystal when it is pointed to the North. Aquamarine is basically known to heal the throat chakra, which is considered to be the voice of the body. It allows the person to speak without hesitation in public.

Aquamarine is the birthstone for March.

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