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Aktualizováno: 13. 12. 2019

Emeralds range in color from deep green to pale green hues. The deep green gems are the most prized and expensive emeralds.

The color we see in jewelry also depends on the cut, that's why for emerald the cut is the key.

It is emerald that are among the rarest of all gemstones and so often have a price tag to match. They are part of a family of gems called beryl and are mined all over the world including Central and South America and Africa.

Unlike diamond, emeralds are not all about clarity. The extreme rarity of transparent emerald is why inclusions in emeralds are tolerated and often viewed as desirable features. These inclusions are like a fingerprint, giving each emerald a distinct personality. They are called garden from the French «jardin».

Emeralds are the go to gem for the Royal Set. Perhaps it comes back to their stunning green color but emeralds have been mined for over 4000 years and are associated with an impressive list of mystical powers and uses! They were considered a symbol of eternal youth by the ancient Egyptians who liked to be buried with them! Romans thought gazing into them was useful to relieve stress and eye strain. And green was also the color for Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty.

The color of nature, they are said to promote a calm and peaceful spirit.

Emerald is the birthstone for May.

Our products presented with Emerald:

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