The Shambala bracelet for Lady

The Shambala bracelet for Lady from our 'Exclusive' collection is the epitome of luxury and style. Each piece showcases the exceptional skills of our master craftsmen, providing a unique touch to your ensemble. This bracelet captures the essence of modern sophistication.

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Yellow gold 14K Approx. weight 4 g 8 mm natural Garnet, Onyx, Agate, Angelite 2 x 8mm Edgar Grig logo beads (~1.72g) 14K yellow gold 2 x 5mm Edgar Grig logo beads (~0.44 g) 14K yellow gold Edgar Grig logo clasp (~1.84 g) 14K yellow gold Garnet round beads Onyx round beads Angelite round beads Agate round beads The unique Bracelet Edgar Grig Shamnalla Lady made of natural stones, which are assembled using the traditional Shamballa technique, decorated with gold beads with the logo and the iconic Edgar Grig gold clasp